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About Simple Stego

Simple stego is a short steganography program written in C++ that hides data in images. Its relies on the Magick++ ImageMagick C++ API, which will allow the program in the future to work with a variety of formats in the near future with the simplest code that is humanly possible.

I, Patrick Husson, began work on the program in February 2008. It was written for a high school science fair project I was required to do. I was trying to figure out how much data I could hide in the least significant bits of a PNG image without visual differences. It turns out that you can use at least the three least significant bits of each byte of pixel data in a 24-bit PNG without many visual differences. After the project I decided to put the code on the Internet as a way to help people get started in a project similar to mine. This code can also help teach about how to hide data in the least significant bits of an image without having to wade through the details of working with an image. As of December 2008, I have been working on improving SimpleStego as a part of my computer science class. Any comments, complaints, or concerns about the project can be emailed to me at this address. All feedback is welcome

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